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Showcase Your Latest Line with Look Book Printing

In the fashion industry, developing a new line can be extremely hard work. But sometimes, getting in front of the right buyers to sell that line is even harder. That’s why whether you have a new line of clothes, shoes, hats, eye-wear, or even jewelry, a well-designed look book is a necessary tool that you will need at your disposal. But if it is not designed perfectly and printed at the highest level, your look book may not help nearly as much as it could. Because of this, it is extremely vital that you find a digital printer that can provide you with high-end look book printing. Here are some qualities to look for in a digital printing company.

  1. Experience with Look Book Printing. You’ve put your heart and soul into your fashion design, you believe in it and now you need to communicate your passion to store buyers and Fashion Look Booksconsumers. Now is not the time to select a printer based on price. You want a printer that is as passionate about producing high quality printing as you are about your product. That means finding a printing company that has the most experience with look book printing.  A printer that understands that get the color right and image detail are vital to the success of your brand. Printers with lots of experience in look book printing will know what papers to recommend and their prepress experts will know what file issues […]

RGB, CMYK, Spot & Hex Colors – What’s the Difference & Why Does It Matter in Printing?

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients is that their print job doesn’t look as the same as it did on their computer screen. Color consistency is one of the biggest challenges in digital printing, mainly due to the way we talk about color in digital (on screen) and print media.

If you’ve ever done any design work, you’ve probably come across the terms RGB and CMYK. Both refer to a way to identify a color, but apart from that, they’re completely different. By incorrectly converting from one color type to another, you risk the chance of completely changing the hue in the final print. And submitting a print file to your printer that uses the wrong color mode can greatly effect the final results of your printed piece.

So what is the difference between all the various color modes? What is RGB? What is CMYK? Professionals group modes into either on-screen or print types. On-screen types use an additive process to produce a particular hue, while print types use a subtractive process to create the end pigment. These methods to process colors are one of the main reasons you can’t use an on-screen color type to give instructions to a printer and vice versa.

On-Screen Color Types


RGB is the most commonly used color type, and the one most people will have some experience within their day to day lives. The acronym stands for Red, Green, Blue, which are the starting points in making a wide range of colors. These three […]

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Essential Checklist for Successful Booklet Printing

Companies use booklets for all sorts of purposes, from training materials to marketing tools. Booklet printing can be quite expensive, especially if you’re planning a bulk run, so it’s essential to get everything in order before sending your design off to the printer.

Printing on paper is significantly different from publishing material online, and comes with its own set of challenges. While you can always ask your reliable printing company to help you with your booklet design, it’s often cheaper and simpler to learn the process yourself. It can seem intimidating at the start, but our guide should point you in the right direction with a printing checklist to get you started.

Choose Your Paper Type

The type of paper you choose can have a significant impact on the impression that your booklet makes. Paper types vary in looks, texture, and finish. The kind of paper you choose can even affect how bright and crisp your graphics look, so spend some time examining different paper types before making a final decision.

The three main paper types used in booklet printing are:

  • Gloss: gloss paper has a shiny finish, which works very well for high-resolution photos. It makes colors more vivid and provides a premium feel to the end product.
  • Silk/matte: silk is less shiny than gloss paper, but it still offers a premium texture and smooth finish. It’s the default recommendation for booklets as it provides reliable results for most products. Since it’s less shiny, it’s perfect for text-heavy pages, which can be challenging to […]
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Readers Spreads & Printers Spreads, What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between readers spreads and printers spreads?

In the printing industry a “spread” is the general term used to describe a pair of facing pages, typically the left and right pages in a publication like a book, magazine or newspaper. Imagine that you’re holding a book or magazine in your hands. Now open the book to any two pages.  You will now be looking at both a left hand and right-hand page at the same time.  Those two individual pages viewed together create a “spread”. However, there are two types of spreads used in printing: a reader’s spread and a printer’s spread.

Reader Spreads

The order in which you would read the pages of a book in their natural order from first to last is known as a reader’s spread. For example, page 1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7 and so on is a reader’s spread. And when you are designing a multipage book in InDesign (or another page layout program), and you have your layout set for “facing pages”, you will see the left hand and right-hand pages side by side. Again, this is considered a “reader spread”.

Printer Spreads

Printer spreads are not in consecutive page order, they are in proper order so that when the document is printed, trimmed and assembled all the pages appear in the proper order. Printer spreads are the 2 pages that end up side by side on an imposition. It should be noted that the way the printers spread gets […]

As Businesses Reopen COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage is a Requirement

Businesses in New York CityAre you a business here in New York City looking for a way to remind employees and or customers to practice social distancing? We have a solution for you. Influence Graphics, we can produce floor graphics, wall posters that remind everyone to maintain at least six feet away from other individuals as well as reminders to wear face coverings and practice all the CDC Covid19 guidelines. These graphics are perfect for business entrances, hallways, elevators and bathrooms. We even have graphics specifically designed for grocery store checkout lanes, hospitals and restaurants.

Our interior social distancing floor graphics are printed on high quality, self-adhesive vinyl which is then laminated with a skid resistant Practice Social Distancing Floor Decalsuper tough laminate that stands up to repeated cleanings and heavy foot traffic.  And the adhesive used on this product is strong enough to keep your floor graphics adhered to wood, tile and even carpets.   And if you’d like custom branded graphics our designers can add your company logo or brand message to give your social distancing graphics that personal touch.

And for outdoor floor graphics we offer an aluminum-based material that will adhere to sidewalks, brick or cement surfaces and stand up to any weather elements.

In addition to social distancing floor decals we have foot traffic directional graphics that guides visitors through your office or shop to minimize contact between them.  Bright and big arrow stickers on the […]

Why Short Run Printing is Important to Your Business

What is Short Run Printing?

In the printing world, a run refers to the quantity of finished pieces of printing job. Short run booklet printing is a custom order of a relatively small batch of brochures or booklets. The specific size of the batch will depend on your particular needs, and short runs can range from one or two pieces to 500 or more pieces per run.

Typically, short run printing uses digital printing technology instead of offset printing. Offset printing has traditionally been the go to standard for large batch HP Indigo Digital Press at Influence Graphicsorders, but it doesn’t work as well for smaller runs. Offset printing falls short when it comes to small runs because of the big upfront cost of burning custom metal plates (one for each ink color) that can be expensive and time consuming to set up.

With digital printing, you don’t need a plate, a laser beam creates a “latent” image (basically a static charge) on a special metal drum that attracts the ink (or toner) to the areas of the drum with the static charge.  That ink is then transferred to the paper making the process much faster and with less waste.

Short run brochure printing offers several advantages. Each business will have its own specific needs, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not short run printing is the best choice for your business.

Working with an experienced, local printing company who can explain the options […]

Brochures Can Be Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

Brochures are an essential part of an effective marketing campaign. No matter how much technology moves business online,
brochures are irreplaceable. They are a platform you can touch, see, Example of Colorful Brochure Printed by Influence Graphicsand feel in a way that the digital world
can never replicate.

It’s not a coincidence that more companies than ever are using marketing brochures to boost their profile.
They send a powerful yet subtle message about a company’s professionalism, credibility, and commitment to quality.
If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from
brochure marketing.

Easy to Distribute

Brochures let you reach your target audience through an intimate experience. Strategically placing them in areas with high footExample of 16 page brochure printed by Influence Graphics
traffic provides increased brand recognition while relaying a strong brand message. You can also incorporate a brochure with
free merchandise giveaways to tap into new demographics.

More importantly, they are easy and affordable to make. Talented designers can help you create engaging sales literature that
highlights your brand and company. Plus, there are flexible printing options, whether you need a short run or rush printing.
You can start attracting new customers whenever you’re ready.

Establish Brand Trust

Quality printing and modern marketing brochure design go a long way toward earning consumer trust. The final product reflects
your company’s objectives and mission, showing people the devoted side of your brand. When they understand how and why you

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Second Healthcare Workers Thank You Banner Installed in NYC

You've Always Been Essential" banner thanking hospital workers has been installed across the street from Lenox Hill hospital.  The artist for this banner is @haveanicedayy_ and it reminds us that healthcare workers are always essential, not just now during this pandemic.

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