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Digital Printing


Rated among the Top 400 printing companies in the United States by  Printing Impressions Magazine and Top 100 Print Shops by Quick Printing magazine, Influence Graphics is New York City’s premiere digital printing service.

We all now live in a digital world.  We have smart devices and apps that keep us connected whether at home, office or the car.  And as we all have witnessed, that technology becomes obsolete every couple of years.  Today’s printing companies are no different.  A high tech color copier that might have been considered a “digital press” 10 years ago doesn’t compare to the digital printing equipment at our disposal today.  At Influence, we’re continuously investing in the latest, state of the art digital printing equipment.  And while it’s not cheap (our digital presses costs upwards of a million dollars apiece), in order to provide the highest quality printing to our customers we know having the right tools for the job are what has gained us the reputation we have for delivering quality print projects with the speed New York City businesses require.


Our HP Indigo presses produce superb, high resolution printing with dazzling, vivid colors on a wide range of paper stocks. HP Indigo Digital PressAnd our new KM 1 press offers the largest press sheet size (23″ x 29″) of any digital press on the market (and we’re the only print shop in NYC to own this press). Our complete digital workflow from client file uploads via our website to preflighting files for errors and sending them to our presses allows us to have “ink on paper” within minutes. To maintain quality, all of our presses have built in quality monitoring systems that scan every sheet of paper as it’s printed checking for color shifts and other quality issues and the systems make constant adjustments, in real time, to the key components of the press that result in consistent, quality images.

Rush Printing

In the city that never sleeps digital printing is the perfect technology for our customers that don’t sleep either. Because digital printing presses don’t require the time consuming plate making process of traditional offset presses we can print your documents in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. Our production facilityFast overnight printing operates 24 hours a day allowing us to deliver finished print projects overnight or even same day in many cases.  And by having our own in house messengers and vans we can deliver your rush project right to your door.  Our dispatch staff monitors and tracks each delivery team member so we can give customers right time delivery status as well as electronic proof of delivery signatures so customers know exactly when and where their packages have been delivered.  No other printing service in NYC can delivery rush, overnight printing with the quality Influence Graphics is know for!

Short Runs

Digital printing services are also the perfect technology for print projects that only require a small number of printed copies. Why print 10,000 copies of your document when you really only need 500 right now? The old model of printing once a year is a thing of the past.  This gives customers the ability to constantly be updating marketing or other materials to better compete in the marketplace.  Whether you only need 5 books or 25 brochures printed it’s no problem. And conversely, if you do need 10,000 copies we can knock that out also!

Environmentally Friendly

We all want to do our part to protect the environment.  Many of our customers call looking for “green printing”. Digital printing is truly environmentally friendly inGreen printing many respects.  To begin with there is little waste.  While traditional offset presses have to waste a lot of paper getting the proper ink coverage on the press plates, with digital presses the first sheet out of the press is a quality sheet.  And without the need to make plates we’re not filling up landfills with once used, discarded metal plates.  Finally, the inks used in digital presses do not contain any harmful VOC’s which can pollute the air we all breath. Influence Graphics recycles all the ink cans, cardboard and paper scraps generate by our production facility on a daily basis to minimize our carbon footprint.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Staff

Influence Graphics offers the highest quality, custom digital printing services available. It’s not just our printing equipment that is state of the art. Our staff of experienced and dedicated printing professionals are quite frankly, the best in the business. For customers not familiar with all the aspects of the printing process our customer service staff can advise and walk you through the process so when your project is completed and delivered, you’ll be delighted with the results.

Give us a call and let us show you how we can “influence” your next printing project.Printing experts at Influence Graphics

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Konica KM1 Digital Press

The first in the NYC market, The Konica KM1 has the largest sheet size in it’s class (23″x29.5″), capable of outputting 3,000 sheets per hour at 1200 x 1200 dpi, with UV ink on a wide wide range of substrates.

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Konica KM1 Digital Press

The first in the NYC market, The Konica KM1 has the largest sheet size in it’s class (23″x29.5″), capable of outputting 3,000 sheets per hour at 1200 x 1200 dpi, with UV ink on a wide wide range of substrates.

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