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The lights of Broadway are always shinning. Many of those signs in Times Square make use of back lit Duratrans prints. Duratrans is a translucent-base color material designed for producing large transparencies for back lit displays.   You may also see Duratrans prints on bus shelters throughout NYC. These back lit Duratrans displays offer incredible 2,400 dpi resolution and extremely vivid colors.

Duratrans back lit prints afford unmatched quality in every respect. From the deepest color saturation to the smoothest gradients and the sharpest text, Duratrans back lit prints are the highest quality transparency product on the market. We print Duratrans on our Oce Lightjet photo laser which is capable of reproducing up to 68 billion crisp, brilliant colors.

Duratrans prints are great for:

  • Trade Show Back lit Graphics
  • In Store Retail Back lit Signs
  • POP Displays
  • Menu Boards
  • Airport Display Signs
  • Fine Art Display
  • Bus Shelter Advertisements


Our Océ LightJet 430 50-inch wide photo laser imager offers an unmatched combination of speed, quality and affordability. This high-speed, large format printer delivers exceptional quality of 4,000 dots per inch (dpi) apparent resolution. The LightJet printer uses continuous tone photographic media, which means each point on an image can be any shade of 68 billion colors!  The higher range of possible colors results in more accurate representation of color-sensitive subjects such as skin tone.

LightJet printers use 3 (RGB) high powered laser beams to expose light onto a wide variety of photographic materials including paper, back lit (duratrans) and rollable (portable) media. The LightJet 430 prints large format digital C prints up to 50 inches wide by 120 inches long.  This makes LightJets digital C prints perfect for applications which require extremely high quality images in large sizes.

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