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In A Hurry?

RUSH Printing in New York City

Rush printing, overnight printing, fast printing, quick printing, need it yesterday printing; call it what you like, we call it the norm here at Influence Graphics.  We’re built for speed as they say.

overnight printingBecause we employ state of the art digital printing presses we’re able to offer the highest quality printing and at the same time have it back in your hands in a very short time frame.  Since we specialize in rush printing our entire workflow is built around the need for speed.  From customer service rep to printing and binding, our facility is designed for efficiency and productivity.  Just drop your digital files into our online file transfer service and we can be printing your documents in minutes.

In today’s fast paced business environment change has become a constant and you need to be able to react quickly to remain competitive. Printing smaller quantities of your marketing materials allows you to print only what is required for your immediate needs and gives you the opportunity to make changes to your materials as market conditions dictate and then simply print more.

It is estimated that 31% of all printed material is thrown away because it has become outdated or obsolete.  Digital printing eliminates the need to warehouse printed materials, is more environmentally friendly, and enable us to offer rush printing at competitive prices.

Rush printing does not have to be a stressful undertaking. We print rush jobs every day for many of our customers.  We understand that you’re stressed and we customer in a hurrypromise to not add any  additional anxiety to your day. And just because we are printing on a rush basis does not mean that you shouldn’t expect the highest quality printing available. So no matter what you need printed, we offer rush printing in New York with the highest quality at competitive prices and guaranteed satisfaction.

If you find yourself in town for a trade show or an important business meeting trust Influence Graphics to get your printing done fast and right. Send us your files before you get on a plane and by the time you get to New York your materials will be ready for you. With our own in-house messengers and delivery vans we guarantee you’ll get your documents when you need them!

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