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Times are a changing.  And that goes for the printing industry as well. The age of large print runs with long leads times are now a thing of the past.  Today technology dominates our industry.  Digital printing has revolutionized a once messy and labor intensive business and now allows us to provide fast, high quality, short run printing at competitive prices.  From our start, Influence Graphics has been an innovator in the use of cutting edge digital technology to offer products and services that allow our customers to remain competitive in today’s fast paced business environment.  We not only accept change, we embrace it!  We talk to our customers and more importantly, we listen.  Many of our customers have unique business requirements and pride ourselves in being able to develop unique solutions to their specific needs.  We never take a cookie cutter approach to problem solving, we love being innovators.  Whenever possible we employ technology to create more productive workflows, however, we never lose sight of the value of plain old original thinking.  We encourage our employees to “work smarter, not harder” because we know that working smarter always benefits our customers.  Our innovative use of technology is focused on one singular objective – to provide our customers with the highest quality, fastest turnarounds and best user experience in the industry!

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