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Try doing a search on Google for “printing company” and you will get few million results. Now what? Many of the companies Google is showing you will accept your order online, but try getting someone on the phone to ask advice and you’ll find you’re out of luck.  And at the same time those companies will only accept jobs where the documents to be printed fit their standard sizes/shapes. You will find that choosing a local printing company has many benefits over the mass production online printers.

Faster Turn Around Time

Online printers process thousands of orders every day and yours will be cued up along with everyone else’s and get batch processed when press time for that particular type of product is allocated. And then there’s the shipping. Because printed materials tend to be heavy, far away printers will need to ship your job via a low priced shipping method to keep costs down. That can add up to a week for your project to arrive at your door. When you select a local printer you don’t have to worry about how long it’s going to take to ship your printed materials to you (or whether they might even get lost).  A local print company can easily deliver your finished project the next day at little or no cost.

More Custom Options

Online printers mass produce jobs.  That’s why they only accept certain size documents, have limited product types as well as limited paper choices.  If you have a custom print job you will find that a local printer is much more likely to welcome you with open arms.  A local printing company wants your repeat business and will work with you to deliver the finished product that you originally envisioned, not just what’s convenient for the printer.

Better Customer Experience

Many of the large online printing companies would just rather you don’t call them.  They either make it hard to find a phone number on their website or they just plain don’t publish a phone number. They are handling thousands of orders a day and simply can’t handle that many phones calls and still make a profit.  A local printer has a vested interest in taking the time to answer your questions and explain your options. If there are printing terms you are unfamiliar with they are happy to explain the terms which makes you a more informed buyer. And since every print job requires paper, most local printers have paper sample books where you can actually feel the texture and weight to decide which is best for your project.  A local print printer knows that he/she needs to provide an extra level of customer service to win your business and is willing to work with you for a win/win situation.

Shipping Fees

Online printing companies often don’t show you the cost of shipping until the very end of the checkout process. And often those shipping charges can double the total cost of your job. Local printers typically have their own in house delivery service that can get your finished goods to you at a fraction of the cost.


A local printing company will invest time and money to build an ongoing relationship with you. Over time they will get to know your needs, your likes and dislikes and partner with you to ensure that everything they produce for you will meet to your satisfaction. And when a crisis comes along (sooner or later they always do) having built a solid relationship with a local printer will make them much more inclined to help you out of a jam.

Environmentally Friendly

No matter what product you buy from an out of town business the product must be shipped to you.  Shipping via plane and/or truck certainly is not environmentally friendly.  And then there is the “cloud” that hosts all those servers that allow you to place orders online. The term “cloud” makes it sound clean but the truth is that the “cloud” has a physical substance which is tens of thousands of computer servers all powered by electricity.  And the bulk of that electricity is produced by fossil fuel sources.  It’s estimated that IT related services now account for about 2% of all global carbon emissions.  Add to that the fact that each one of those tens of thousands of servers only have a life span of a few years and you can imagine the amount of hardware that goes into landfills every year.

A local New York City based printing company doesn’t require the same degree of transportation of your finished printed materials.  And if that same printer is using environmentally friendly printing machines and inks (like our HP Indigo presses) it’s a better solution for the environment.

Better Quality Results

All of these factors combine to make enlisting a local NYC printer a much better option.  When the reputation and image of your business is at stake it certainly makes good business sense to consider using the services of a local printer who likewise, has the reputation of their business at stake also.


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