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Powerpoint Decks

So you’ve finally compiled your informative and compelling PowerPoint presentation.  It is truly your best work.  There is not doubt that the people you are about to present to will be blown away.  Now you need to get a copy of the presentation in the hands of 100 attendees – tomorrow! That’s where we at Influence Graphics enters the picture.

Our state of the art printing capabilities are a great compliment to your masterpiece.  We cut our teeth on presentation printing for all the Wall Street firms years ago.  And since everyone always wants to tweak their PowerPoint presentations till the last minute it always means that overnight pitch book printing has been the norm.  At Influence Graphics we’ve saved quite a few  meeting presenters by printing and binding presentations overnight.

Pitch book printing is a core competency of Influence Graphics.  We continue to work with many of the leading New York City financial and investment firms on their pitch book printing and presentation printing projects.  We understand the requirement to have pitch books printed 100% correctly, and to have them ready when you need them, not a minute later.

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