As Businesses Reopen COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage is a Requirement

Businesses in New York CityAre you a business here in New York City looking for a way to remind employees and or customers to practice social distancing? We have a solution for you. Influence Graphics, we can produce floor graphics, wall posters that remind everyone to maintain at least six feet away from other individuals as well as reminders to wear face coverings and practice all the CDC Covid19 guidelines. These graphics are perfect for business entrances, hallways, elevators and bathrooms. We even have graphics specifically designed for grocery store checkout lanes, hospitals and restaurants.

Our interior social distancing floor graphics are printed on high quality, self-adhesive vinyl which is then laminated with a skid resistant Practice Social Distancing Floor Decalsuper tough laminate that stands up to repeated cleanings and heavy foot traffic.  And the adhesive used on this product is strong enough to keep your floor graphics adhered to wood, tile and even carpets.   And if you’d like custom branded graphics our designers can add your company logo or brand message to give your social distancing graphics that personal touch.

And for outdoor floor graphics we offer an aluminum-based material that will adhere to sidewalks, brick or cement surfaces and stand up to any weather elements.

In addition to social distancing floor decals we have foot traffic directional graphics that guides visitors through your office or shop to minimize contact between them.  Bright and big arrow stickers on the […]

COVID Signage-Special Thanks to All Our Employees

Special thanks to our dedicated employees who’ve been working hard producing much needed printed materials for the fight against the Corona virus. Influence Graphics  printed over 10,000 signs, 20,000 social distancing floor graphics, along with labels for testing labs, CDC guidelines posters and so much more. So yes, we had to cheat on the social distancing guidelines for a minute to take this picture but otherwise we’re observing all the CDC guidelines. Missing in this picture are the other equally dedicated staff working remotely for the cause.  If your store or business is preparing to reopen soon and needs social distancing floor graphics, hygiene reminders, foot traffic directional arrows or any other custom printed materials to keep your employees and customers safe please call or email us.

COVID Signs and floor graphics printed by Influence Graphics

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Second Healthcare Workers Thank You Banner Installed in NYC

You've Always Been Essential" banner thanking hospital workers has been installed across the street from Lenox Hill hospital.  The artist for this banner is @haveanicedayy_ and it reminds us that healthcare workers are always essential, not just now during this pandemic.

Help Control the Spread of COVID-19 Virus With Signs

In spite of the Corona-virus, Influence Graphics is open and operating under normal business hours.

As we all deal with the effects of this pandemic you might want to consider posting custom flu warning signs throughout your organizations facilities.  We can print as many signs as you need to make sure everyone visiting your facility remembers to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the premises.  You can choose from temporary paper signs or more permanent metal or plastic signs.  Let’s all stay safe and protected during this crisis.

corona virus sign

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten

The Gucci Family slogan speaks to our philosophy. While cost is obviously an important factor in choosing which printing company you select,Slave spirituals often had hidden double meanings.At Influence, we’re continuously investing in state of the art digital printing equipment.  While some of our competitors might consider a color copier a digital press, our digital presses costs upwards of a million dollars apiece because the quality they offer is vastly superior to lower-end machines.And our KM 1 press offers the largest press sheet size (23″ x 29″) of any digital press on the market (and we’re the only one in NYC to own and operate this press).Our digital printing services are also the perfect technology for print jobs that only require a small number of printed copies. Why print 10,000 copies of your document when you really only need 500? With digital printing you can request whatever quantity you need for your immediate use and then order additional copies if and when you need more. That makes digital printing a truly green technology as well since it cuts waste. Stop discarding outdated printed materials by printing only the volume that you anticipate using in the immediate future

Influence Graphics offers the highest quality, custom digital printing services available. It’s not just our printing equipment that is state of the art. Our staff of experienced and dedicated printing professionals are quite frankly, the best in the business. Give us a call and let us show you how we can “influence” your next […]

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