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Tent Cards

Tent cards are used to promote a product in a retail setting or to reserve a space for VIP’s at an event. Table tent cards can be used in restaurants for drink or food promotions. They can also be used at point of purchase locations to offer specials to customers as they check out.  For restaurants and bars table tents are an persistent form of promotion because they stay in front of your customer for as long as they are seated at the bar or a table.

We Print Tent Cards For:

  • Corporate Events
  • Table Reservations
  • Drink Promotions
  • Food Specials
  • POP Offers

We print tent cards in a sizes, shapes and colors. Our table tents are printed on a wide variety of card stock papers and include slits to form an easy-interlocking base.

If your promoting a product with your tent cards you might select a upright, over sized tent card that will catch your customer’s eye. At a corporate event you might want a low key, small, horizontal name tent card to reserve a place for executives at a table. Maybe you even need tent cards to serve as directional signs at events. Whatever your tent card needs are, Influence Graphics is your tent card printer in New York City.

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