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If your NYC-based company makes repeat purchases of printed documents, an online digital print management solution (or web to print) may be the answer to streamlining your company’s print ordering requests as well as providing tighter controls on your spending.

Our Web to Print (sometimes called web2print) digital storefronts allows our customers to have their own privately branded online print stores.  Within these online storefronts we provide coded templates of your company documents (business cards, letterhead, marketing brochures, etc.) that allow your employees to log into the website; create their own personalized documents, review a proof and place an order online.  For example, instead of having an HR person responsible for ordering business cards for each new employee, just give the employee the web address to your company’s online storefront and once logged in they can select a business card template, enter their personal information and place their order (subject to approval) in minutes.  Or maybe you have multiple office locations that need to replenish their supply of company marketing materials as their supplies get low.  A web to print storefront frees up your staff from having to coordinate the ordering process.  One person in your organization can be authorized to review pending orders and release those approved.  Approved orders are sent directly to our servers, the documents are printed and shipped directly to the employee that ordered them.  Web to Print digital storefronts reduce costs and free up your company’s resources.

Web to Print can streamline your company’s print ordering process while helping to protect your brand.  When we prepare a template for your print store we are able to “lock down” the elements of the document that relate to your branding (logo, colors, placement) so that those elements always remain true to your brand guidelines.  Every business card ordered by any employee around the world will all look exactly the same!

And an added benefit of using a web to print web portal is the potential cost savings.  By placing an order online we don’t incur the cost of the time a customer service person would have to spend on the phone taking in the order.  And because the system automatically generates a press ready PDF the order can bypass our pre press department. All this saves us time and money and we can pass the savings on to you!

Give us a call  at 646-571-0002 and let’s discuss how we can “Influence” print buying at your organization.


Konica KM1 Digital Press

The first in the NYC market, The Konica KM1 has the largest sheet size in it’s class (23″x29.5″), capable of outputting 3,000 sheets per hour at 1200 x 1200 dpi, with UV ink on a wide wide range of substrates.

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