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Why Digital Printing?

Influence Graphics is the leader in Digital Printing in NYC

Digital printing has transformed the printing industry over the last 15 years and now allows us to provide fast, high quality, short run printing at affordable prices.  Digital printing eliminates many of the costly mechanical steps required for the traditional offset printing process. Digital printing provides many benefits such as:

  • Faster Turnaround Times
    With no plates to create and no “make ready” time a digital printing job can be on press in minutes, not hours or days as is the case with an offset press. 
  • Higher Quality
    Digital technology has evolved to the point where many people actually prefer the quality of digital printing over offset printing.  Colors tend to be brighter and more intense as ink from a digital press is not absorbed (and dispersed) into the paper fibers.
  • Cost Effective for Small Runs
    With digital printing, if you only need 200 copies of a document we only have to print 200 copies.  With traditional offset printing the pressman will need to run hundreds of sheets through the press before the plates get inked up and is ready to start printing quality sheets.  All the “make ready” is wasted paper that cost money and is certainly not environmentally green.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Without the need for plates and “make ready” there is virtually no waste with digital printing. The inks we use in our digital presses do not contain any of the VOC’s that you find in traditional offset printing.  In addition, all the papers we use are FSC certified ensuring that the wood used to make the paper come from responsibly managed forests.
  • Variable Data
    Since a digital press “writes” an electronic image for every image it prints, each revolution of the print drum can contain different or “variable data”.  As each copy of a document is printed it can be personalized with text or images.

HP Indigo Press Gives Us the Edge

With our state of the art HP Indigo digital presses we can offer you the quality of true offset printing with the convenience of short run digital printing. What makes the Indigo press so unique is the fact that is uses liquid ink and not toner as most other digital presses do.  HP’s ElectroInk is used in a CMYK (4 color) configuration with the ability to add Pantone spot colors as a fifth color.  The quality of the printing from the Indigo press is far superior to other digital presses on the market.  Our presses are calibrated multiple times every day and the system constantly monitors color output and makes minor adjustments throughout a job run so that we can consistently reproduce accurate colors. Check out our printed samples and see for yourself!

Our KM 1 Press Give Us the Size

Our new KM1 digital press offers the largest sheet size of any digital press. With it’s 23″x29″ press sheet capability we can print oversized documents that previously had to be printed on a traditional offset press.  And because our KM1 press uses UV inks we can print on a very wide variety of paper and synthetic stocks without having to treat the substrates.  The UV inks have a wide color gamut and are instantly dried by exposing them to a high powered LED UV light source.

Quality Matters!

Your printed brochure or booklet is the face of your company to your customers.  So of course you want only the best quality printing available.  All of our digital presses offer resolutions of 1200 x 1200 DPI which gives you the highest image quality available.  We know you always have the option of sending your work to one of the hundreds of online printing companies and maybe you’ve already tried one of them and concluded that the quality is just not up to your standards. With Influence Graphics you’re not just one of a thousand orders, you’re our valued customer and we work very hard to ensure that each and every job meets the highest quality standards. We understand that our job is not just to print your job but to make you look good to your customers.

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